Welcome to SAFE

The major goals of the company are to: measure people’s sexual health status; educate people regarding sexual health issues; and empower people to take control of their sexual health. These three goals will be accomplished with the SAFE App: a free smartphone application that allows users to privately share their verified STI status, facilitate testing for STDs, and provide users with comprehensive and accurate information regarding sexual health.Read More

What exactly is Sexual Misconduct?

In an age where you might find ‘Sexual Misconduct’ getting tossed around and jumbled in with a slew of other terminology, meaning can seem elusive. Sexual Misconduct includes any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent.Read More

SAFE Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Sex is pretty great, but what’s better than sex?! Safe sex, of course. And, with the opportunity to get free condoms from a variety of sources, safe sex shouldn’t really cost you anything.Read More